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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
^ Maybe. I'm just giving you reasoning as to why there may only be one admiral right now (Kizaru). Keep in mind that it was never stated that there have to be 3 admirals in the marines force at all times. As far as we know, there were only 2 admirals during Roger's era: Zephyr and Sengoku. And I've been reading from different places that there's some ambiguity in the Japanese text of that admiral plural.
I don't doubt that there is no set amount of required Admirals.

Having just one is highly impractical though.

It probably took a while to promote new ones and Kizaru might've been the only one for a while. The reason I doubt that he's the only one is because two years have passed. It seems highly unlikely that no one came along at all who was good enough for the job.
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