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I don't think Haki alone can generate fire like that, unless if it creates a friction hot enough to ignite fire when using a super high speed attack like Luffy's red hawk.

But if Luffy can generate fire on his own without using any high speed attack, that would definitely be awesome. It would be even more awesome if the fire

Spoiler for ehem:
It's not the Haki that generates the Fire,but Gear 2nd mostly,Haki is only hardening his arm probably applying more pressure,since the steam is trapped and has nowhere to go it reaches a high temperature which ignites his arm,also thanks to the Haki his arm is protected from damage.

I doubt it's possible to Inherit a DF,first of all they're not even blood related,2nd,Ace would have had to be Luffy's father for it to make sense.
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