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It's good when a horribly mediocre episode is followed by a pretty good one. This episode gets my big thumbs up for progress... yet it was done in a way such that I'm still not 100% sure who Hazumu is going to end up with, ie the love triangle is still alive.

But I won't complain that the series will inevitably end with Hazumu picking someone and us only seeing a glimpse of their relationship, because that sort of thing is part-and-parcel with these types of series. Hell, it allows the focus to be on the most interesting thing: the dramatic love triangle. What I will complain about is the comedy. Since the first episode (which I laughed at really hard), the comedy has just been dead. So, I'm glad that it took a backseat in this episode. I have a suspicion that even the producers know that the comedy is bad, that's why they almost completely hide it when the series approaches an important plot progression like in this episode.

Tomari's sudden proactiveness is sparked by a pretty by-the-numbers plot device (which, ironically, related to Yasuna's YURIVISION™).... ie the one that made Mai-HiME good. But, I won't complain, because it lead to progress in the plot, and sets up an interesting predicament for the direction of the love triangle in future episodes. I have to say the presentation of the
was really well done. In fact, it felt like the animation in this episode was all-round better. And Kashimashi hasn't exactly had what I'd call bad animation either... even if it has had a few too many bouts of comedic SD.

<3 Horie Yui. Her singing the ED theme made my day.

I have to say, one of the more interesting relationships in this series is the one between Yasuna and Tomari... leading up to
there was a real uneasy friendship between them. I think they knew eventually that one was going to have to stab the other in the back, yet they still wanted to put up the facade of friendship. Whether they were doing it for Hazumu or whether they genuinely liked each other, I'm not sure. It was interesting to watch, nonetheless.

Anyway, good episode. This sets up what could (should) be an interesting final 2/3/number-I'm-too-lazy-to-look-up episodes.
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