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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
Oh, from her mouth to God's ears...Well atleast she knew she was playing the biggest Mary Sue in Gundam history...
Her comment was not really surprising

I think fans began to accept the status of Lacus & Kira as some kind of minor deities since their return in Destiny...

Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
Dude gets some popcorn and go look in the animesuki archives...GSD was alot of things, mostly absolutely soul-crushing and awful,
You know I still disagree with you about this after 5 years, but whats been said had been said, and I am glad we have decided to move on.

Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
but if it had one saving grace it was the fact that it produced some of the funniest, if not ultra-intense, if not uber-epic episode discussion threads in the history of this site...I was here for it all, and animesuki has never been as bare feet and crazy as it was during those days...The Gundam forum was the place to be...
Oh, I remember those days...

The debate and discussions were so intense to the point where everything else was thrown out the window. Hell, even when 00 was first announced, it barely registered as a blip on our Gundam radar...

And people thought Kira was going to steal 00's glory...

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