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Episode 11... I think. Is it? I forgot lol

Ah, I'll just guess. Really, yes it is eleven.... anyways, I didn't like this episode for one thing:


Ahem. That off my chest, Kanade's hiccups... such a huge difference between hers and Jirou's

I'm not going to really comment on the rest of the ep since Kureha's screen time was back to how it started (lol) and I have no idea where Narumi is, but since my mind is currently Usami poisoned, there's not really much for me to say.

Except, maybe this is a good thing! Now we get to see girly Subaru Punyuru again! That's how it should be

Originally Posted by Shimapan View Post
I didn't subtitle it for my subs

Really, I was quite surprised to actually hear her say "Guten Morgen", and decently pronounced even.
Awesome I wish I had that kind of freedom when I was a translator, I didn't like the way the boss was like "do everything", I was like man we're not a corporation, we're fans

Originally Posted by TheEroKing View Post

mangatron, you know what to do with this
Hmm. I said it before, ja? do not give me ideas, because this happens:

*runs from the Subaru X Jirou shippers*

Actually, I should thank you. I finally tested a long forgotten skill, and it worked, so XD

Wait, did you actually want me to put a beach ball there? Did I mess up?

Originally Posted by ars89 View Post
The money slap has returned!
Yeah finally! And we just had that discussion about this a few pages back

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
It shouldn't come as a surprise now that maybe they've sacrifice a little too much development for having excellent RomCom moments And now they have to make up something spectacular as a finale so they settled for drama- The one thing that they aren't good at
I'm not particularly fond of the way this series mixes it's serious and comedy moments. In one episode it looks like nothing's going on, and the next episode something happens, and then at some point everyone's back to normal.

Maybe though, my bias is centered around Usami, I just love the way she got steady progress from ep 05 to 10, which is probably why I'm not too into Subaru moments. I'm not slamming the Subaru X Jirou moments, it just feels different when throughout the series Kanade has been the playmaker, and this ties in with something I said early on, that I would have liked to see Subaru do something not because of Kanade's meddling. But then maybe that's the series right there, and why I'm rather infatuated with Kanade

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Figured it out? No, but given how it was a big topic since the start I had just assumed it would be common knowledge by now and everybody knows.
In my case, I have somewhat of a tradition to not look into who voices who before a series airs, so as to surprise myself. So I paid it no thought, as I was always in favor of girly Subaru, but then in episode 05 when she called Jirou a liar, that's when I chuckled to myself

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
It looks like it's going to be 12 episodes long.
This looks like 13 though. But of course in my current busy state of mind I am not entirely sure...

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