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Maybe though, my bias is centered around Usami, I just love the way she got steady progress from ep 05 to 10, which is probably why I'm not too into Subaru moments. I'm not slamming the Subaru X Jirou moments, it just feels different when throughout the series Kanade has been the playmaker, and this ties in with something I said early on, that I would have liked to see Subaru do something not because of Kanade's meddling. But then maybe that's the series right there, and why I'm rather infatuated with Kanade
I totally agree I'm guessing for the sack of the finale which is gearing towards Subaru/Jirou, the other characters like Kureha and Usami who do not play active roles in her Butler are more backseat. IT obviously doesn't help when only a small handfull of characters on that Konoe is a girl limiting the characters who get focus since this final arc deals with this situation.

Although with that said while I like Usami when she appeared, I thought she was an interesting character compared to Konoe especially in male form who is just boring IMO but like an episode later, female Konoe appeared, that was epic win and one of the best romance moments in the whole show to this point.

Kanade has been a strong point for this series, as both playmaker and 'potential' rival, but most importantly torturing Jirou and giving us some daily dose of comedy. The problem is that's all she was left as since the anime was aimed at a Konoe route (which IMO is the most likely outcome even in the LN) so her character as a love interest was not developed aside from some forlorn looks here and there. A good story arc would involve Konoe finding out that her Ojou sama like Jirou too leading to more drama I suppose, but the LN should cover that while the anime can't.

Bottom line, Konoe (male) is less interesting compared to Usami and Kanade (awesome). But Konoe (female) is what highlights the romance aspects of this series. I can't really pick a favourite to win, if I had to choose I prefer Konoe to win, off course after finding out Kanade likes him and him dealing with it.
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