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It still depends on the anime. For one with lots of characters like Hayate no Gotoku!, I'd consider that for Hayate vs. Athena/Hinagiku/Nagi/Ayumu to be all "popular," and we'll have to get to the 5th pairing for the "unpopular" category, like Maria. There's really no crack pairing for Hayate (unlike you count like, Sonia).
Isn't it more like...
"Popular" - A-tan, Hina, Nagi (It's literally a 33-33-33 split among fanbase...)
"Not as Popular" - Ayumu, Izumi, Maria, Ruka?
Others = His harem is only smaller than Touma's so I don't want to count anymore...

Of course, there's always Toaru series where everyone knows that Biribiri is the only "popular" pair and the rest are "unpopular" despite its huge amount of characters...
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