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Results are out again...

1. How in the world Homura gets into Tier 1 into first place baffle me. Winning by 500 over Minami, then now only 300 against Fear. Last I check Fear is Tier 6 strength at best...
2. Then you look at Niku and how she destroy Minami by 2700. That's what you call Tier 1 destruction (Although Niku is actually Tier 2 thanks to the split in seeding match b/t her and Kobato).
3. Kanade went over 6000 easily again. But then, her opponent is Kyoko...
4. Mio also went over 6000. But it's an intra-series match so it's not totally out of expectation (Same for Azu-nyan, Biribiri, and Shana in first round - all went over 6000 in an intra-series match)
5. Congrats to the fire sister. It's fairly close but seeing their strength here, all you can ask is "what if" for nomination...
6. Rin defeat Kyou. Her strength rise quite a bit, thanks to Fate/Zero?
7. Then there's Victorique. It'll be a competition b/t her and Homura as to who will lose strength quicker. Winning against Sora by only 800 is never good news.
8. Kurisu win. Any win against Iwasawa is welcome.

As for next round...
1. "New series" Exhibition-wise, I haven't watch either of the series (Nor I doubt I would anytime soon), so random vote for me there
2. "Couple" exhibition-wise, is it even fair for a 2nd tier couple to compete with the main couple? I mean, yes, Misaki is not strong, but her and Usui is still the #1 couple from Maid-sama
3. Watch Niku destroy Fear, and god knows what margin Victorique will get against Kyoko since both are, well, not that strong as suggested
4. And watch Haqua pull out a win against Homuhomu.
5. Kuroneko will get over 6000 votes next round
6. Shiori v. Minami, your typical muddled middle match in Nova...
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