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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
It isn't wrong because no matter what he's still part Japanese so Yui has every right to see him as kin and thus expects more out of him because he's kin. You know since he is a second generation Japanese American so he still has a lot of Japanese in him. Not to mention that back in America he's seen as Japanese as well. It's just the way it is in TE. If you don't like it than this isn't the anime for you.

Yuuya only hates his Japanese side because he was discriminated against by his peers because he was that Japanese boy. Had he not been groomed to hate all things Japanese than he wouldn't have any issues with Yui considering him kin which Yui most likely believes Yuuya should consider an honor. After all it is one of the reasons she takes so much interest in him while she outright ignores the rest of his team.

Are you not watching the anime? Yui even says that Yuuya wasn't expected to master it right away but she was angry that he didn't understand why he was failing to pilot it right. Than in the latest episode she reveals that she's pushing him so hard because he has ridiculously high talent which he refuses to tap because of his groomed hatred of all things Japanese which leads to her giving him a personal lesson which works.

That's National Pride. It doesn't make her wrong because as far as she's concerned the Japanese way is the best way... For the Japanese. That's why she's insulted when Yuuya tries to tell her to rework the TSF to be more American which would make it impossible for the Japanese TSF pilots to adapt on the battlefield. They don't have the luxury of learning how to pilot a different type of TSF while Yuuya, as Yui has said, does because of the blood and sacrifice of those that came before him. That and he is a test pilot and at a very comfortable place while the rest of Eurasia is in a living hell.
Your post here seems to be conflating quite a number of separate issues, to the point it needs to be broken down:

1. First off, statements like "If you don't like it, this isn't the anime for you," aren't productive. It may be a fact that Total Eclipse will subject us to a fair whack of pro-Imperial-Japanese, pro-Yamato Damashii-attitude drum-beating (novel readers will have a better idea). But saying "if you don't like the fact that the writers are racists, shut up and move on and stop discussing the point" isn't productive. There's nothing wrong with saying, "Man, I like the setting, the plot, and the mecha action, and most of these characters are pretty cool, but that underlying "we Japanese are awesome!!!" vibe gets in the way sometimes."

2. Secondly, there's a difference between acknowledging that racism exists and dismissing it. It's not at all unreasonable that strong nationalist feelings exist in the MLA world, given the various points. That doesn't make it less wrong, just explains why it exists.

3. Thirdly, there's a difference between racism and nationalism, as Goose pointed out. Yui's actions towards Yuuya are racist--he's judging him based on his part-Japanese ethnicity. (Frankly, given Japan's extraordinarily homogenous ethnicity, it's not surprising that nationality and ethnicity would get mixed together by a Japanese Imperial Guard.)

4. Yui's lack of interactions with the rest of Argos Flight have more to do with the fact that Yuuya's the lead test pilot--he's the one who's going to be providing the most relevant input for Japan's new TSF development--than any case of her dismissing them because they're not partly Japanese (note: that's a good thing; if she really was refusing to interact with them because they're not part-Japanese than it would raise her racist attitudes to Klan levels).

5. Even if Yuuya wasn't himself an anti-Japanese racist, he could easily still be offended by Yui's attitude, because Yui is utterly dismissing Yuuya's culture and upbringing in favor of his race--she expects him to be Japanese in the same way that she is Japanese, and that's a hellishly flawed assumption (see above about the confusion between the two coming out of an ethnically homogenous society).

*sigh* Ultimately, it really boils down to this: I really wish (yeah, yeah, I know it's a totally futile wish! ) that people would stop debating Yui-versus-Yuuya every episode. They're both deeply flawed people, they both have been right about some points and wrong about others, and they both need to have some character development to smooth out some of those bad attitudes, which it looks like they're actually starting to genuinely get. Now, if we check back in ten episodes from now and one of 'em's grown and the other is still exactly the same, well, then it might be time to rekindle the argument. But to me, what makes their conflicts interesting is the fact that it's coming out of mistakes on both sides, that there's some actual depth to it based on personal attitudes, cultural divides, and mechanical differences, that it's not just "A right, B wrong." Or in other words, there's some actual good writing going on here that makes the show worth coming back to each week, that it's not just giant robots and boobs.
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