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I'll just say quoted for truth - Dezo has really hit the nail in the head.

The benefits of a legal education. ;p

Regards point 4, I'd also add that Argos are serving ss chase pilots, monitoring the 94 Second, gwthering data, recording video, benchmarking, so there'd be little rewson for Yui to talk to them and get second hand info when she can talk to Yuuya and his first hand input.

Something which the show hasn't glossed over, and I'm glad it's showing, is something I mentioned a while back - there will be friction because Yui represents the end user and is the custodian of Japanese interest for XFJ, but she also needs to take into account Yuuya's comments. At the same time, Yuuya needs to understand the requirements that the Japanese want to have, but at the same time he also needs to raise any issues he finds.

It's a balancing act for the both of them, and Yuuya initially isn't taking it well at all. Going from the easy to fly F-15 and F-22 to the twitchy Fubuki and Shiranui is a challenge, and one that he's finding it hard to adjust.

Yui actually has a good idea here - since words don't seem to work, use actions instead. I wonder if she'd taken correspondence courses in the Nanoha Takamachi School of Making Friends. or she's remembering how Kazusa Yamashiro was all the cold rival before the Defeat Equaled Friendship.

It also serves to show how dangerous Yui is, given that she took down Argos flight really fast.

All in all, decent ep, and it's shaping up better than I expected. I originally intended to watch just for the mecha and cute girls in translucent bodysuits, but the character drama is engaging in its own right.

Also, regards ethnicity and nationality, I am both Indian-Chinese and Malaysian. The former is because I have parents who are racially Indian and Chinese, the latter because I am a citizen of Malaysia. The problem most people have in seperating race from nationality is that most countries tend to conflate both of those concepts, especially a racially homogenus country like Japan.

Originally Posted by kari-no-sugata View Post
What do you all think Yui was trying to teach Yuuya? I think the core hint for this is where she responds to Yuuya saying the unit is "junk" - when she brings up "jinba ittai" (horse and rider as one, or words to that effect) and hopes Yuuya would be able to appreciate that. It seems Yui is happy enough with Yuuya's skills but feels like he's about to hit a wall in his progress or that there's a factor that's slowing down his progress. Basically, though Yuuya wants to master the machine he also hates it and distrusts it - he's only seeing the negatives and not seeing the positives.

On a side note, the first time I remember hearing "jinba ittai" was when Mazda started using the phrase regarding the development of a new MX-5 / Miata
first time I heard that phrase, a ridiculously badass hotblooded German samurai mecha pilot had managed to create a tornade by swinging a BFS ridiculously fast, and cleaved a mecha dragon.

It's also interesting to consider - if Yui's so clearly capable a pilot, why couldn't she be the test pilot herself. I've posted before about why we might have a US pilot trying to learn how to pilot a new TSF designed for Japanese pilots - it's not very efficient is it. It hasn't been started in the anime so far but I'm still guessing it was at the request of the Americans involved - they may have gone so far as to refuse to co-operate unless the main test pilot was American. If the Americans' true motivation for project prominence was to learn more about foreign TSF design then they would probably be delighted when Yui offered to use her Takemikazuchi as part of a "special" training session...
Quite possible, though again I'd add that out of all the pilots in Argos and assigned to XFJ, only Yuuya is an actual test pilot, with the others as combat pilots. It gives him a different perspective on things.

On a side another note, the following thought occurred to me: it's not uncommon for the "hero" in a series to have some "grouchy old mentor" type figure to help him learn - someone the hero tends to hate or resent... Kinda seems they almost want to make Yui into such a mentor figure... then turn her into love interest
Yui's role seems to have been combined between an expy of Charlie and an expy of Iceman. which is amusing, given the ho yay in Top Gun.

But while I hold that Angrysex - or at least a thawing of the relationship - is somewhere in the future, I think this ep made it quite clear that Yuuya is tsundere for Shiranui Second.
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