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It needed to be said, trying to place RL views isn't going to make this anime enjoyable at all since it isn't RL(even if it's set on Earth) and has a number of changes with things that aren't okay in RL but are perfectly fine in TE. Such as National Pride that would be considered racism in RL but it isn't at all in TE.

It doesn't change that none of them see it that way. Thus to them it isn't wrong because that is how things are in TE.

Again it isn't racist to Yui and she's only like that to Yuuya because she sees him as kin thus she expects BETTER of him than anyone else.

That doesn't stop her from talking to the others since she has had plenty of chances. She doesn't even bring them up at ALL when she talks to Yuuya. Simply put she doesn't care that much about them and doesn't expect them to be anything special while she takes an interest in Yuuya because he has talent and he's kin.

Yui doesn't care about that because just like the Americans she sees Yuuya as Japanese while he says he's only American and hates his Japanese-self. If anything she most likely sees it as a compliment to him since it means she feels he's worth the time while those she doesn't feel are worth her time are outright ignored which is everyone but Yuuya and her superiors thus far.

It also goes back to National Pride and that the Japanese are a dying breed and considering that we haven't see any other Japanese at the UN base yet it's easy to see why she would latch onto Yuuya since he's the only one she believes she can familiarize herself with considering he is kin.

Your wish isn't going to happen anytime soon unless it isn't mentioned anymore in new episodes which is unlikely.
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