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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
It needed to be said, trying to place RL views isn't going to make this anime enjoyable at all since it isn't RL(even if it's set on Earth) and has a number of changes with things that aren't okay in RL but are perfectly fine in TE. Such as National Pride that would be considered racism in RL but it isn't at all in TE.

It doesn't change that none of them see it that way. Thus to them it isn't wrong because that is how things are in TE.

Again it isn't racist to Yui and she's only like that to Yuuya because she sees him as kin thus she expects BETTER of him than anyone else.
Again, you're mixing up two concepts. Whether something is or is not racist is an objective question and has nothing to do with time and place.

Yuuya is a racist--he dislikes Japanese people. Yui is a racist--she thinks Japanese people are better than everyone else. Both are racist attitudes. (And whether or not Yui thinks she's being racist is completely beside the point. A Ku Klux Klansman may think his attitudes simply reflect scientific and religious fact; that doesn't make him not a racist.)

Whether it can be expected for the average person to be a racist in the setting of MLA is a different question altogether. If you lived in the United States in 1900, you could expect a majority of white people to have racist attitudes about black people (or Asians, for that matter). That's a function of the culture existing in that time and place. Similarly, I completely understand (indeed, I posted on it last week) about how the extended wartime footing the world has been on would promote ultra-nationalist attitudes which would naturally encourage the development of pro-"home"-nation bigotry in most world cultures.

It's just that, understanding where Yuuya and Yui's racism comes from does not mean that they are not racists. Actually, the setting does a good job in explaining why these two people feel what they do--like I said, above, that's good writing at work. But that doesn't change the objective assessment of what those attitudes are at the present state of the current episode.

Originally Posted by Wild Goose
I do hope that the anime will actually show both of them growing up.
This, most definitely. Seeing some character development from both characters, letting them shed some of their old attitudes and grow as people would be very nice (and because they set the stage by showing why they have their present attitudes, they can then work from that to show such development).
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