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Again you aren't understanding the point that in TE it isn't racism while in RL it would be racism. Once you have settled that you'll understand the characters much better than saying "That persons a racist because in RL that wouldn't be tolerated" yet in TE it is tolerated as "normal" and "national pride" which is quite rampant considering the Russians showing how they threat non-Russians.

Yuuya hates Japanese because that was what he was told to hate when all he wanted to do was fit in and be American. Thus he believes that if he discards his Japanese self and all things Japanese that his fellow Americans will accept him as an American.

Again you're making the mistake of using RL examples. In RL the KKK isn't tolerated at all by society yet in TE Yui's comments aren't considered racist in the least nor are Yuuya's and are tolerated by everyone else that thinks nothing of it or that it's out of the ordinary.

Society decides what is and isn't racist and in TE they don't consider those things racist while in RL our society would see them as racist.
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