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Originally Posted by Kurohane View Post
Oh, yeah I've come across this before. This by the same guy who did Zero In.
I saw dat glorious NTR from a freaking mile away! Holy cow!

Huh. Somehow the hero team reminds me very much of the Deimon Devil Bats. VERY quirky members, insane moments all-offense mentality, struggles hard against defensive teams. Typical hero team in sports anime taken up to eleven. The only things different from Deimon other than the sport is that their Sena-equivalent is not the main character, Mai is actually more like Raimon than Sena, and Reika is not even close to the level of insanity that is Hiruma.

Mai's trance moments remind me a lot of Kanna Aoyagi from Koe de Oshigoto. Generally a crappy player overall (we shall see as the manga progresses), MASSIVE stage fright, but goes BEAST MODE only during trance, though the author seemed to have found a way to get rid of it so that she doesn't have to rely on Kunimitsu all the time to activate her Beast Mode.

Inoue seems to be a fan of Italian and English football. Their supposed 4-4-2 formation was actually at one point the most popular football formation in Italy, while their actual 4-4-1-1 formation had quite some success in the English league. I wonder if Japan copied stuff from the Italians and the English on their way to football supremacy in Asia. I mean, Captain Tsubasa is one reason Japan turned from zero to hero in football, after all.

He mentioned AC Milan, Juventus Turin, and some legendary Italian players during Italy's heyday, and I think he also mentioned World Cup teams which are probably the powerhouses at the time, namely: Italy, England, Mexico, Brazil, Holland (aka Netherlands), Germany, and Portugal.

Spoiler for edit:

Double Edit: Inoue referenced Japan winning the 2011 Women's World Cup in Chapter 37.

Spoiler for reference:

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