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Woohoo, whoa, so many posts in this thread O.o" No... I gave up reading through the thousand some odd posts -_-" Oh well, haha, I guess I'm gonna join in on making posts here =P

Originally Posted by diabolistic
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a surprise picture taken in room..

i am sporting my new breakdancing tracksuit (the top half, at least), and was taken while we were discussing the finer points of being nerdy
You kinda look like one of my friends. Pretty cool room though. Maybe it's from a bad angle, but it looks CLEAN!! *scary* Iono. Most people's rooms that I know (mines included) are messy. Haha, orange is coooool.

Originally Posted by bob
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Attention Flash_Squirrel, I've stumbled across some photos of yours via a friend that you might want to get your lawyers on.. I thought it prudent to bring it to your attention as they both intrude on your private life. I've posted it here to enlist the help of the Animesuki crowd.

The first appears to reveal your hidden identity.....

The Second appears to be after a good party


Let me know if you need some backup catching the perpetrators.
Oh man, those are such cool pictures, hahaha. So THAT'S who Flash_Squirrel is. Anyway, preeeeetty nice pics, haha.

Originally Posted by Sun_Tze
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Also... FEAR THE PINKNESS OF MY WALLS!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone
*scared* Maybe it's just me, but I can't really tell that your walls are pink. But as long as they're not REALLY pink, who cares! (urs would be called 'off-white'... just REALLY off white..)

Originally Posted by bob
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As this is a post about pictures and it's winter here, here's a themed picture.

btw if you can't figure it out... I'm pretending to be drunk, and looking rather dumb at it.
(picture is a few years old)
It was a good attempt. Maybe if you were slumping on the snowman or closer to it for the buddy look, you'd look more drunk. And have some bottles at your feet, but on it's side instead of standing up. But it was a good attempt nonetheless. And a wicked snowman too!

Originally Posted by Mephisto03
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Lets give this a try. Only pic of me in the last 2 years, seriously. This was from april 2002. OK, almost 2 years. And yes thats MY bike.
Pretty sweet bike! Makes me wish I had a motorcycle license and the $$$ to get something like that, hahaha. Not many motorcyclists here tho... and getting my driver's license was hard enough. NO MORE UGLY ROAD TESTS FOR MEEEEE

Originally Posted by Mcdonalds
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OMG, possibly longest thread possible, was just browsing animesuki forum due to boredom. Anyway, heres my pic
Heehee, that's one thing I never got. People look at the computer screen to see if their smiles and stuff are good before taking a picture with the webcam. But why don't people look back at the webcam before clicking the picture?

Ok, I just read this post again and it sounded reeeeeeeeally weird... I don't think I'm awake yet.... Back to sleep =.=;
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