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Originally Posted by Malintex_Terek View Post
And while DVD sales seems like a good indication of a second season, you have to remember GL cost 2-3X what a normal anime series would cost.
Huh? Where did you get that from? Are you talking about production costs of the anime itself? Anime dvds in Japan cost nearly the same. The 26 episoder animes cost like 6000 yen per dvd, while the 13 episoder ones cost like 4000-5000 per piece.

Gurren Lagann dvds are of normal price if you ask me. Code Geass dvds cost 6000 yen as well. If you want to talk about really expensive dvds, look at Seto no Hanayome dvds, those things cost 8000 yen per dvds and that just burnt a large whole in my pocket.
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