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Somehow I found out
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Hooray, it's back.

Ep 1

We all have a fair idea what to expect from this series now (ie, the unexpected), and while this first episode wasn't as brilliant as some of the eps in the last series (some of the jokes in the original were just a work of Shinbo... I mean genius... their interchangeable words in this context), it's a worthy SZS episode. The chronology bugged me, though. I mean, I realize this isn't supposed to be a coherent story with a linear timeline, but it always played in the back of my mind that Nami had been around since the beginning, before many of the characters that appeared in this ep were introduced, but now this was supposed to be an introduction for her, and everyone else had conveniently forgotten she existed (and she them). Oh well.

I already miss "bure bure bure bure"...
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