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Looking for anime that starts with a "T"

I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. The anime starts with "tian" something. If I remember the characters on the title correctly, I think it translates to "tian xia tian shang" in mandarin.

It's about this high school, and apparently almost everyone there is a martial artist. There's two sisters, one who can change her form, and she usually chooses a small girl, the other is trying to marry this transfer student because he saw her naked, and by their family law, whoever sees them naked they are engaged to. The transfer student has a foreign friend. The transfer student and his foreign friend want to fight all the time and be the best, but they get beat up by the girl who turns little, and another guy who I think is the man character, but I can't think of any distinguishing characteristics.

The rest of what I remember is kind of useless facts... if anyone could help that would be great, it not that's cool too. gonna continue my search now...

:fingers: that is a very evil smiley. just wanted to say it
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