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Researching for PSP

So, I have the cash now, and I've been doing research into how worth-it it would be to finally get a PSP, with some questions left to solidify.

Are PSP games language-changeable? That is to say, do Japanese-made games with US releases, like Star Ocean First Departure and/or Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, have the setting to switch to Japanese voice-acting? While I hope this is possible, my logical reasoning says no; despite PS3 games having Japanese dialogue options (Gundam Crossfire, Gundam Dynasty Warriors, Valkyria Chornicles), this is a handhled console after all, and I doubt it or its games have quite the RAM to store both English and Japanese dialogues, as awesome as it would be.

If no to the above; are PS games region-protected? That is, can I play Japanese PSP games on a US PSP? From what I've researched on the Internet and from experience with DS games not being region-protected, I believe the answer is no, but I'd like to hear it from someone who knows for confirmation. This would answer what I would do about Star Ocean and Crisis Core; if possible, I'd like to buy and play their Japanese releases for the JP dialogue. I find that a majority of US-dubbing is rather underpar for games. And I usually just like the JP voices better anyway. (Yukari Tamura voicing in Star Ocean First Departure, yespleasethankyouverymuch. )

After those questions, I have heard good, but over-general, things about some games that caught my eye and would like to hear some first-hand info on:

Resistance: Retribution (I actually haven't heard too much about this one yet, but I loved the PS3 games)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Star Ocean First Departure (played all the others of the series except Second Evolution of course, and Last Hope, and loved them too)

Aside from all that, the decision is pretty much clinched for me; my research into JP games has pretty much solidified my determination to get a PSP between Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel, Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life, and Rockman Dash 1+2 Value Pack. (assuming the latter of those three is both of the PS1 RPG-style Rockman/Megaman games in one pack as I suspect)
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