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Only a select few games have dual-audio like Atlus's new Hammerin hero game.

UMD games do not have region protection, unless you intend to watch UMD movies which do have region protection.

Resistance: good game for single player (excellent graphics) and a well packaged multiplayer experience.

Crisis core: If you like FF7 then get this, if you don't then you'd probably be like "WTF is this shit?"

Those games that you have listed: Evangelion and Tomoyo after are pretty heavy in Japanese, I don't recommend you play those unless you can read some of it (especially Tomoyo after where by not selecting something earlier in the game will have dire consequences hours later)

In my experience, just get a PSP- 2000 and get it hacked, that way you can try games that you think might be good but arn't really, also you will never have any region problems.
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