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Unfortunately my PSP is an old one and has custom firmware. As I hear that the new 3000 models are quite different. So I can't say what they're like now.

But with regards to games...

Crisis Core: Incredible game IMO. Especially as a FF fan. Graphics are amazing. And while gameplay is on the easy side, it's fairly fast-paced and entertaining. Very typical FF. Good eye candy. Heavy does of story. And not exactly the most difficult game around.

First Departure: Okay game. It's basically the first Star Ocean game, which was released on the SNES in Japan, redone using the Star Ocean Second Story game engine. It's also sort of connected to 2nd story. But given that it's based on a SNES game, you can imagine that the plot/character development is on the thin side. Also high encounter rate. And if you've played SO 2nd Story, then you've basically played Second Departure. The latter is a straight port of the former.
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