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Originally Posted by plmko View Post
Crisis core: If you like FF7 then get this, if you don't then you'd probably be like "WTF is this shit?"
Played FFVII, the second PS1 game I ever bought, and my first RPG. Loved it. My favorite FF to date.

Those games that you have listed: Evangelion and Tomoyo after are pretty heavy in Japanese, I don't recommend you play those unless you can read some of it (especially Tomoyo after where by not selecting something earlier in the game will have dire consequences hours later)
Yeah I know; I can read Japanese, which is why I'm so into getting a PSP now after seeing those games up on Play-Asia. Heck, I got myself a JP PS2 just to have an easier time of playing JP games, and actually use those dang 2-disc games that won't work with Swap Magic Discs.

In my experience, just get a PSP- 2000 and get it hacked, that way you can try games that you think might be good but arn't really, also you will never have any region problems.
Does that mean that not all models of the PSP are region-free? (as in, some US models won't play JP games?)

Fyi, I'm talking about games; I know the PSP movies are region-encoded movies, but I'm getting a PSP for the games.

Originally Posted by meh View Post
And if you've played SO 2nd Story, then you've basically played Second Departure. The latter is a straight port of the former.
Yeah, as a hardcore fan of SO2, I read about that and so won't really bother, except maybe for rent, or if I get to like the new animation movies. (which are clearly both greater in number and art)
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