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Color me computer-illiterate or just plain dumb, but I don't understand the concept behind homebrewing. What exactly does this do?

Originally Posted by Sety View Post
Have to agree with this mainly because theres only a few gems in a sea of crap for the PSP its best you try before you buy. Even the most anticipated games have a strong chance of dissapointing nowadays if they rub you the wrong way.
I actually have a pretty broad acceptance range/tolerance for video games; I rarely ever find one I don't like. Pretty much the only times I've ever not bought a game that I've played is because I rented it from Blockbuster or somewhere, beat it, and don't want to fork out the 40+ bucks for it having beaten it already, rather than not liking it, lol. It also helps that I tend to stick to what I know I'll like; I love the Wild Arms series so I'll be sure to get WA FX, I loved both of the Megaman Legends games so I'll probably be getting the PSP ported JP versions, I'm a massive sucker for romance so JP dating-sims like Clannad for the PSP are easy targets, etc.
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