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Most people just pirate these same PSX games though lol.

Personally though, I homebrewed my PSP just for convenience sake. Despite me owning practically all English non-action RPGs for the system (even the REALLY crappy Astonishia Story), I still rip the umd and load it from the stick. No UMD changing makes me very happy.

Not to mention I don't have to hear that stupid UMD disc spinning... >_>

All in all though, I find the PSP to be quite lacking in terms of games, particularly RPGs. I'm of the opinion that the DS is the better gaming system.

As a side note, it was actually the lag from Generation of Chaos that prompted me to use homebrew. Oddly enough, Idea Factory got the lag fixed with Aedis Eclipse (which I only knew through reviews since I ripped it to stick first moment I got), but somehow they screwed up again with Spectral Souls lol.
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