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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
I don't wish to belabour the point, but I would say that's exactly what being pretentious means: to adopt something that seems cool, without understanding why it's cool. And I, like many people, find that distracting, if not outright irritating.
Many people? I believe most viewers are unconcerned with how the concepts in this anime are named. Kimimaro could have been named Jesus, but I would not find his name pretentious at all. Lots of people are named Jesus and don't really care about the historical figure. It's just a name.

You would have to berate every single economic newbie in the audience for not knowing what an entrepreneur really is; we like the name because it sounds important. The few (you, for example) take offense because you have spent effort understanding what an entrepreneur really is. You don't like how it's being tossed around so arbitrarily with seemingly no meaning.

Yes, you have the right to get angry at this anime. But this is nothing - and I really mean nothing - compared to how angry scientists get when science fiction misuses the laws of physics. This anime doesn't even attempt to give a complete justification to any of the economic terms used. There's little room to mess up because there was never any explanation to begin with. Now when the writers actually use scientific laws and economic models as a basis for the entire plot, but fail miserably... oh dear. Pure rage.

Well, consider the extreme alternative. The writers go out of their way to explain complicated economic concepts, but the majority of viewers just want to see giant energy beams. These viewers get bored as Masakaki explains a difficult model of microeconomics in a few sentences. If he goes on too long, then the viewers will fall asleep.

It would be nice for this anime to use some basic economic concepts in creative ways. However, these concepts have to be translated into common English, must follow basic logic, and only take up a minute or so of screen time.

Symbolism is a widespread literary and dramatic device. It's clever only when it helps to develop a story's intended plot and message. But if it's there just for show, it becomes pretentious. Will [C] turn out that way? I hope not. We'll see.
I don't like the dichotomy of separating symbolism into being either clever or pretentious. Sometimes, symbolism exists because it just fits into the overall setting. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.
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