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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
The middle name option seems the best to me.

From what I've heard, exotic first names often seem fun at the time, but result in all kinds of pain and annoyance as time goes on. For instance she'll probably continuously have teachers mispronounce her name, or whenever she goes for a job interview she's always assumed to be asian, and then she has to continuously explain it etc. I've managed to acquire an American accent from my mom, that's annoying enough to explain. Having to explain something over and over again to people is quite dull.

So I'd take a typical first name, and use Nagisa as a middle name. For a bonus you can use it as a nickname for her, you can have your cake and eat it.

@Sumeragi: Naomi sounds Japanese?
I subscribe to DonQuigleone's view.

However, for the sake of the child I will be more blunt.

I don't want to sound racist, but in the job market your name is better be consistent with your lineage/looks. This may not actually apply for the creative jobs but for the normal ones. I did not make these rules.

Well, its your responsibility to do the best you can for your child and it's future. So, unless you see your child as your personal entertainment, be careful not to confuse your own desires over the child's (future) needs and decide carefully.
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