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for Thany, here's my source.

I feel so weird showing the source, now you know how much (or little) I had to manipulate for the sig! haha. I love your source pic. Thanks.
WaterSideAngel: I like it a lot better, taking out one of the two girls now gives us a more balanced sig. I agree that it kind of matches, but I still say try a border. hehe. you don't have to edit any sig unless you want to, though. I'm just saying, for your next sig. I look forward to some of your CG art, too!
Hobbs: so you never posted the other one? oh well, I still like it. 9/10
JoeStoppable: I agree that the border could be better, maybe thinner or a different color (it doesn't really match your pic or your name). but the pic rocks! 9/10
ChibiDusk: Don't remember if I rated this or not. I like it but I can't figure out what the person is exposing...stomach? It looks confusing. Pic quality is great and I love the border and name. 10/10
Mxg: Good luck with photoshop! I remember when I first tried to work with frustrating. But you'll get the hang of it. I suggest looking through photoshop tips and suggestions pages. I think your pic source is cool but the font can be more interesting. and add a border (man, I tell this to everyone...) 8/10
Sushi-Y: Welcome to the board (you're new, right?) I love the border but I think it should match the main pic more. That's a really cute pic. My other suggestion is to make your name's font a bit bigger. 8/10
Abicion: Hm...image needs more clarity. and a border.
Rodney: I really like your old one, the sharp contrast of colors and the clear image really captured my eyes. but the new one looks cool as well, just less color. old one 10/10, new one 9/10.
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