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Jojo Star = You Two girls in wet tight clothing and you're supposed to impress me with that? No. First off the girls are missing nipples! Last time I checked, females of the human race tend to have nipples sticking out in wet see through clothing. What kind of fake erotic trick are you trying to pull? Secondly the girl on the left seems to have her boobs attached together. What the hell is that? Attached boobs?

What's worse! You have a caption that says "For Asenko" Who the hell is Asenko? I assume you meant "For Aahhsin", but I'm rather sick of people spelling my name wrong. Hell I don't even have a K in my name!


Azulet = What the hell is this? A sideways girl? Last time I seen a blizzard blowing someone away I was laughing at him. This one she looks happy. What kind of stupid shit is that? If you're getting blown away by a blizzard, I'll assume you'll be in a state of terror. Not happy. Reminds me too much of the Matchstick Girl by Hans Christian Anderson. I hate that story. What's worse your name is missing, I looked all over your signature and I still see no Name. I don't think your name is Let it Snow, heck there's no A in there. Advertising for Firefox? That's not cool.

By the way, you really need to customize this signature some more, and your over the limit on the KB.

I think I'll let my judgement give this signature an


Abicion = A nicely streched, ill-bordered, no name, and the japanese lettering is too small to even bother with.

This one really deserves an


JoeStoppable = Wow this is THE WORST BORDER ATTEMPT EVER! All four sides aren't even the same thickness! Sure you can have a different size for the 4 borders, but it doesn't look good here. If you want to do that, make sure it's so noticable that it's laughable. Not like this. The pink needs something too. Like flowers on the corner or something. Your font is good, BUT your E is chopped off.

I mean c'mon that sticks out like a sore thumb. And with my sore thumb, I'm going to stamp this signature with a nice fat


aahhsin = 0/10 for being mean. Dang u can like hate on me cause i'm still pretty new at this signature game. But wow giving out hate like that on all those other people. shame shame shame
What the hell are you talking about? I don't hate you, I hate your signature. And this is "Rate that Signature" not "Rate that User".

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