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I've managed to read the /a/rchive, and there's little info about it.
The best slice of info I found is from js06, who translated the synopsis:

Originally Posted by js06
This is Intellectual Village. It is an area made into the highest quality brand of the concept of "rural".
On the surface, the scenery looks like a city in decline, but sophisticated scientific technology is gathered in secret giving the area an odd high-tech feeling of the "cutting edge rural".
This collaboration of rural scenery and cutting edge technology is Intellectual Village.
The sense of the rural is so perfectly maintained that even youkai have been called in.
They came wanting an easy to live in environment and they of course live even in my house.
Specifically, a large breasted zashiki-warashi is elegantly playing a video game with 3D goggles and a wireless controller...
However, even this area where we live peaceably with youkai has its pitfalls.
A system known as the Package uses the special characteristics of the youkai. I accidentally touched a portion of that system.
The Zashiki-warashi is a youkai famous for bringing good luck to houses it visits and bringing bad luck to that house should it leaves the place. It is somewhat playful, and can be a major distraction if you're trying to get a good night's sleep.
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