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If we really want to talk about "things I would have expected them to do by now", I guess one of the things I would have expected is that they would find some sort of way of relaying a message to people on the inside, at the very least so that their families can get in touch with them. I suppose that perhaps our evil mastermind doesn't want them to try to plan something, but it's a bit silly to imagine a VR world that is so completely cut-off from the real world that you can't even receive any mail. The only thing they said so far is that they removed the logout feature, but that implies that there wasn't even any way to communicate with the outside world except by logging out. I suppose there's a certain degree of immersion in that (and it worked given the evil plan), but that would be totally impractical in reality, and would probably have been a major criticism during the beta test. You'd need some way for the real world to get a hold of you.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there for this episode, I suppose, and we'll have to see what happens going forward.
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