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Originally Posted by Adigard View Post
I've personally been playing one or another MMO for... damn, nearly a decade. I've never been able to receive external e-mail inside a game. I've always needed to alt-tab to my mail program to check external e-mail. I can only receive email from other player's of the MMO, or the company.
Yeah, the next post is really what I was getting it...
Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Yeah, but even while playing MMOs, you can hear someone ringing at your door, the ring of your phone, and, yes alt-tab. You couldn't do any of that in SAO even before Kayaba's tampering.
So, yeah, it's exactly like you said: it was designed from the get-go with trapping in mind, and of course no one saw that far ahead. I'm sure it occurred to someone during the beta test, but as you said, probably an ignored "feature request".

Still, if I were the people on the outside, realizing that there's little safe way of getting people out, trying to send a message in would have been the next avenue. As was said, though, we have to assume (for the sake of the story) that there's just no way.
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