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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
I don't really agree with this. The financial costs would certainly not be a pleasant thing, but neither is the likely extreme resources being committed to hunting down the man responsible and getting him to free the players without risking killing them. I don't think the budget would push the government to risk thousands of lives.
But those thousands of lives are already being risked simply by them being left in this game. Those lives are in jeopardy regardless of what the government does.

There's only two realistic ways for that "Lives in Jeopardy" situation to end:

1. The outside world finds a way to step in and end the madness.

2. The players within the game clear it.

Based on this, I think you have it backwards. In the early going, people might be more willing to just hope that the gamers can save themselves by clearing the game.

But as more and more time goes by, more and more people will start to believe that the game must be impossibly difficult to clear or the gamers would have cleared it by now. Or some might even start to believe that the game is a pure, endless deathtrap and that Kayaba was just BSing all along about the players being able to save themselves by clearing the game.

A full year is a long time to clear a game, even one with 100 levels. I mean, these gamers are now literally spending 24 hours a day inside this game.

Let's say your average SAO player is awake for 16 of those 24 hours. So over 3 days that's 48 hours of conscious, continuous gameplay. 48 hours is *a lot* of gameplay time. Plenty of hardcore gamers can clear full games in that amount of time, let alone one level.

It's not unreasonable to think that 48 hours of gameplay is enough time (on average) to clear a level, presuming the gamers are working cooperatively at all (which many of them clearly are). So 3 days per level. Now times by 100. 300 days. Let's even add on 65 more days since one would expect later levels to be harder to clear. So 365 days, or a full year.

Well, it's now over a full year. If I was a guy on the outside with a close relative in this game, by Day 365 (and yes, I'd be counting the days) I'd definitely be inclined to think "This game is just too hard for the players to clear. If we don't do something to save them, they're all basically doomed."

But ultimately, all this means is that I think that Reki Kawahara might have stretched out the dates a bit too much. I guess he wanted to give the SAO narrative an epic feeling, and so he wanted years of actual time to pass within the game (either that, or he wants SAO's Game Difficulty to seem incredibly badass). I can totally understand that, so I'll just take Anh_Minh up on his suggested assumption of thinking that the government already did try something, it failed, so they're naturally hesitant to try something else (and so are the Japanese people if they are aware of this failed attempt).
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