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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
I prefer my robots to be small and practical tactical mechs, or absolutely ludicrous big.
That IS actually kinda surprising. You'd think after all that money Avatar made, people would be more interested in making *big* sci-fi movies.

...oh wait. Prometheus was a thing. (sigh).
Prometheus wasn't an original movie (part of a franchise). The problem with Avatar was that while it made a lot of money, it was also very expensive, it was a big risk. And for every Avatar there's a John Carter that basically flops.

Though ultimately, I think the issue is that Hollywood is long on money, but short on ideas, or at least ideas it's willing to take risks on.

And why make a big original sci-fi epic when even something as terrible as The Green Lantern made back it's budget (even if the profit was non-existent). Super hero films are basically nearly risk free propositions.

Something to note further, many of the great sci-fi/fantasy epics being made right now do not originate in Hollywood. LotR and District 9 come to mind.

Of course, the profit from these sci-fi films pales in comparison to something like paranormal activity (193 million on a budget of $15,000!)
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