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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
Prometheus wasn't an original movie (part of a franchise). The problem with Avatar was that while it made a lot of money, it was also very expensive, it was a big risk. And for every Avatar there's a John Carter that basically flops.
Oh right. I forgot about that. (great now I have to remember the Alien franchise being made even dumber).

Though mind you with regards to bringing up John Carter. I think this is systematic of Hollywood REALLY not knowing why particular movies are successful, and why other ones bomb. Cause really. I don't think it bombed because it was just a so-so effects movie uninspiring plot and impressive effects. Lots of movies have that but manage to make a buck or break even.

John Carter was a huge failure because the marketing didn't tell people what it was about. It was afraid of looking like a pulpy sci-fi movie, so it ended up looking like nothing.

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Hollywood has a structural problem if it can't look at John Carter, and realize that the overwhelming flaw of the movie was one of marketing.

...fuck. When you think about it further, the reason THIS marketing fuck up happened, was because Hollywood couldn't figure out why a movie that came out a year before John Carter, Mars Needs Moms, bombed. The executives assumed that it was because the movie was set on mars, as opposed to it being a really shitty sounding movie that most people wouldn't want to see.
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