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Another thing that truly amazes was that district 9's budget was only 30 million. The budget of your average super-hero movie is 150 million. And yet, District 9 looked just as good (if not better...).
Chronicle (a more recent good original sci-fi film released in America), was made for a budget of only 15 million, but looks like it was made for 90 million (if not more). It also had some quite fun viral ads and trailers. (Another recent film, Grabbers, which you might know about Don, was made for made for about 6 million US yet it looks like it was made for 40 million.)

Pacific Rim has a budget of 200 million.

Thankfully, Del Toro realized that this film could not be adequately rendered in 3D, so besides the IMAX experience (which is going to be a must for this film), the images we see are what we will get on the big screen. Additionally, Del Toro has gone out of his way to get some of the best visual effects artists in the business to work on this film (Hal T. Hickel, John Rosengrant, Shane Mahan, Clay Pinney and John Knoll). We are most likely going to see a truly beautiful film...visually at least.
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