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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
You can still see the film in 2D, but IMAX theatres will undoubtedly only feature the IMAX-3D version of the film. Pacific Rim was made for IMAX in mind, so it is quite annoying that I will now be forced to watch the film in converted 3D. (And, to be fair, digital shots are rendered in 3D rather than converted to 3D, that is why big monster moments in Clash... still look good, while the moments with real people look bad.)
Ah, I see. Nice info.

Let's just hope for the best then. Also, if it becomes as good as Clash in the "monster fight" department, I won't complain much.

I will also check it later whether the IMAX here will force the audience to watch it in 3D or not.
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