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3D has been tried twice before (50s and 80s), both times ostensibly to bring back cinema audiences in the face of competing technologies, namely first television, and then the VCR. You could say the modern wave has the same relationship with the internet and illegal downloading.

However, then, as now, 3D has several large disatvantages that prevent it becoming popular:

1. A large number of people can't see it: about 10% of the population cannot process the images to produce a 3D effect. 10% is a large audience share to lose, right out the gate. This includes myself, though I can see a bit if I concentrate.
2. It causes headaches for even more people (don't know the exact numbers, but I'd say most people will develop headaches after sufficient exposure). I definitely get some of this.
3. It reduces the image quality, due to the need for polaroid lenses, you basically are watching a movie through sun glasses, and getting the corresponding dimming.
4. It breaks immersion, the 3D effect basically reminds you that you're watching a movie. It brings you out of the experience, whereas 2D cinema draws you in, and you lose awareness of your surroundings. When you see a 3D effect you feel shocked.
5. It doesn't even work that well, now my eyes aren't good, so don't take my word for it, but I've heard that it doesn't even seem that 3D, as it's basically just layers at several different depths, rather then smooth gradations. It's basically like a pop up book, not true 3D.
6. It's expensive and difficult to shoot.

People are excited the first 1 or 2 times they see it and then get bored. It doesn't really add anything to the experience. The only people who love it are film executives, who see the possibilities for increased ticket prices, and electronics manufacturers, who see the chance to sell us new TVs now that everyone has HD television.

Now I'm not saying every new technology introduced is just a "gimmick". For instance, HD is great, I find Standard def cringe-worthy to go back to. Likewise, CGI is here to stay too, and I see it used in great ways. I even like Imax too. But 3D? Waste of time. If a bunch of guys come on here proclaiming their undying love for 3D movies, I might change my mind, but from my experience, most people are apathetic towards it at this stage. There's only so many times that seeing a ball be flung towards you can be shocking. Personally, I got my fill at Disney World at the age of 13. You get used to it pretty quickly though, at which point it simply becomes distracting.

EDIT: And it seems the cinema going public probably agrees with me.

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