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Originally Posted by amaterasu4 View Post
I think what you are trying to say is that Kurapica and Leorio are the older characters who balance a bit the main cast with their intelligence and... stupidity. Now there isn't much variety in the main cast as Killua has been acting like Gon. It's like when Kuwabara disappeared from YuYu Hakusho's final arc. I really missed Kuwabara yelling every five minutes or making a dumb statement.
Yeah, i understand that point of view. HXH makes it seem like the series would have 4 main characters, like Yuyu Hakusho, but in the end, it's only two, and yeah, Killua becoming more and more like Gon doesn't help.
Heck, Hisoka is more of a main character than Leorio and Kurapica, since he's been relevant to every arc so far.
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