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Its hard to not be at least a little disappointed when they had material and time to do the SS which also met the requirement of the other railgun girls having decent screen time to make up for the sisters arc. I'm going to wait to complain until this is over though because it could end up alright.
Was there actually a guarantee that they would do the Liberal Arts SS instead of the Silent Party Filler Arc? The only thing that some would claim as "proof" is the vague references to the "large scale field trip" mentioned in Railgun S. But that's just that — in an anime-only viewer's perspective, that "large-scale field trip" may not actually be special, as schools often have multiple field trips and field trips are completely normal.

If Liberal Arts SS is to be slated for an adaptation, it should happen at the start of the third season, where a particular character's debut is actually relevant and is not a throwaway.
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