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^-- The rewards will be seven unique captains and a unique camouflage. I'll probably try to unlock the captains, but I'm not too hyped about this collaboration (I didn't even play to get the Normandie camo and have no interest in the Varyag).

Will most likely save my strength and enthusiasm for 0.7.5, which is the presumed release mark for the split US cruiser line and the beginning of the Bull Halsey campaign. I'm currently taking a short break ATM to concentrate on RL priorities and avoid another WOWS burnout episode.

Oh, and BTW, there appears to have been a leak for the Halsey campaign - SEA posted the requisites for each task/mission and boy do they look steep compared to their predecessors. Many of them have "and be part of the top three" or "and win (otherwise the XP/damage you just gained won't count)" clauses attached to them. If it's true, then we're in for a toughie (unless it's a permanent campaign, in which case we can take it easy like with Yamamoto).

EDIT: missed that part, but yes, apparently it's a permanent campaign. *whew* I'd hate to do that one on a timer.
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