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1. Well, I'm ready to graduate to the Monarch, even though the latter promises to be a meh (almost an understatement, really) ship compared to its T8 counterparts. The End of WWII in Europe event slashed the hull price to 9.9M credits (down from 11M), so I might as well grind like a Miley Cyrus backup dancer during this week.

2. The Hatsuharu disappoints me a LOT now. The guns are horrid, the stealth is not that great (no Concealment mod slot, only the CE skill), the torps are kinda slow (two triple launchers, which makes it even more painful when you remember playing the Akatsuki not too long ago) and I'm having trouble finding the right way to play this ship, especially since this weekend was another example of destroyerpocalypse (many of today's matches had 4-5 DDs on each side) that just ruins my day at every corner. This ship just can't win a DD bar fight to save its own skin and I'm afraid the Shiratsuyu won't redeem the pain I just went through. Sure, the Shira has TRB and two quadruple launchers, but the gunnery is still not that good (it gains one single-gun turret, but the traverse speed is so slow it feels like the turrets are hand-cranked by domesticated sloths) and the top speed is barely acceptable. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that the Shiratsuyu is a stepping stone to the Akizuki, I'd seriously consider dropping this line. I have more than enough FXP to get the Shira, but I'm not going to allocate it. Yet.

3. The Farragut is an odd mixture of exhilaration and annoyance. The guns are obviously the main attraction: in the right circumstances and once well-ensconced in a large puff of smoke, this thing becomes a little machine gun that can irritate BBs and give depression to enemy DDs. The annoyance: the torps suck more than a black hole and I seldom get ample island cover nowadays: I'm frequently forced to sail on wide, open seas, to support my teammates, rather than hug islands and play like a micro-Atlanta...and that means sprinting and drifting around like an Initial D reject, avoiding enemy BB shells that are zipping left and right (I'm more of a ninja-type DD player, so the Farragut is pulling me out of my comfort zone). I have enough FXP to get to the Mahan (which has a 9.2km torp upgrade, but those are really slow, soft-punching torps), but I think I'll just grind the remainder; I should only have ~15K XP to go anyway.

4. Got the New Orleans back thanks to the End of WWII in Europe price reduction promo. Completely forgot I had a free "Congratulatory" perma-camo (unlockable through last year's anniversary campaign) for it, and I wonder what will happen to it once the split goes live. I suppose it'll accompany the NO to its new tier. Anyway, I'm fully ready for the split now.

5. Today was dreadful. 7 consecutive losses in the Hatsuharu, either due to my inability grasp that ship or teams that went artic rodent mode or just spat in Common Sense-chan's face. The following match with my Yorck broke that bad spell, though. Nevertheless, I'm considering laying off the DDs for a little bit.
1. I dunno why everyone complains about the Monarch honestly, its the first UK BB to get good penetration guns with good velocities, it has decent speed and armor and gets pretty good concealment. I'm slowly coming up the UK line right now, I like the QE personally its a pretty solid ship

2. I only fear the Hatsu when I'm in a BB but because of the constant IJN nerfs I wouldn't ever call that a fear. They can barely run from heavy cruisers and with radar being a big thing they are just hard to be effective in. I stopped playing DDs because while I had no problem adjusting to the open water nerf, the growing number of ships with radar is hard for me to counter

3. I loved the Farragut, I used her to really bully other ships because of those guns and her ability to turn on a dime and while her torps suck just firing them will cause most enemies to turn away

4. I'm in the same place, supposedly the camo will follow her to tier 7 which is fine by me, I just blew my silver buying up all my old cruisers and getting them fully equipped so that I'm ready for the new line, it just sucks I only have starter captains in them. I really have no one to spare right now for retraining.

5. This weekend was rough for me also, today was ok win rate wise but I haven't seen blow outs like this since the MM update, since then matches have been allot more closer till this weekend
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