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Originally Posted by Psyco Diver View Post
1. I dunno why everyone complains about the Monarch honestly, its the first UK BB to get good penetration guns with good velocities, it has decent speed and armor and gets pretty good concealment. I'm slowly coming up the UK line right now, I like the QE personally its a pretty solid ship
Well, the gun range is quite disappointing (even the Bismarck does better, regardless of the fact that the Germans are the ones traditionally saddled with the worst BB gunnery stats), the HP pool is not that great and those superstructures seem to scream "farm your XP right here", the same way it did for me on the KGV (couldn't even bow-tank in it, I just ate shells through the bridge). Concealment looks good, though.

2. I only fear the Hatsu when I'm in a BB but because of the constant IJN nerfs I wouldn't ever call that a fear. They can barely run from heavy cruisers and with radar being a big thing they are just hard to be effective in. I stopped playing DDs because while I had no problem adjusting to the open water nerf, the growing number of ships with radar is hard for me to counter
I have trouble motivating myself to play the Hatsu when I have the Kagero, which is much better all around. The Hatsu's four guns and 6.0km concealment (with captain skill) just foist her with a lethal set of handicaps that will make her lose any DD encounter she has (and right now, there's like a flash mob of DDs in the game).

Kagero has one more double turret, better concealment (5.4km), fast- and hard-hitting torps (67kt + 21K dmg) and the TRB consumable, which make this ship not as terrible as the Hatsu. The Shiratsuyu will be one step made in the Kagero's direction, though.

3. I loved the Farragut, I used her to really bully other ships because of those guns and her ability to turn on a dime and while her torps suck just firing them will cause most enemies to turn away
I like to rely on torps for nasty BB surprises, so having them only for CQB is sort of a bad surprise for me. The Farragut's gunnery is nice (it's so easy to melt enemy DDs with those fast-firing guns), but constantly having to waltz through enemy gunfire (after the smoke dissipates) tends to be tiring in the long run, though, especially when I don't always get the cover (and team support!) I crave.

EDIT: I didn't realize it, but thanks to these daily 200% bonuses, I'm actually less than 5K away from the Shiratsuyu. No need for FXP, after all.
EDIT bis: never mind. Cleared both the Farragut and Hatsuharu today. Didn't think I'd get the grind done so fast. XD
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