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The new US Heavy Cruisers will make landfall with 0.7.5. However, as the NA PTS announcement indicates, 0.7.5 only brings half of the split: the new heavy cruisers (replacing the currently existing CAs) and the T8 Cleveland CL. The light cruisers, which have just begun supertesting, will go public with 0.7.6. The Bull Halsey campaign will also go active with 0.7.5.

Tentative ETA is next week, Tuesday, which matches the current, 4-week development cycle.

That said, I'm having a blast with the Atlanta. It's by no means the easiest ship in the game (far from it!), but I'm doing very well in it, frequently ending up in the top 3 of my team. The matches are however made rather difficult with the absence of AFT (I'm training a brand new, dedicated captain for the LOLanta) and Concealment, but otherwise, I'm doing fine.
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