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That's gotta be painful, knowing that the doubloon-to-credit conversion rate isn't exactly stellar. You don't have any beloved premium (or even an event ship like the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya) you can grind for a couple Random matches? When I clear out my own bank, I usually take the Scharnhorst out for a little and I'm back to 1M in no time.

Oh, and word says Russian "battleships" (notice the quotation marks) will arrive by the end of the year. I know Stalin had a number of projects lined up (e.g. Sovetsky Soyuz) that were either stillborn or remained highly embryonic, but bloody hell, WG, Russia practically didn't produce any battleship after WWI (their foundries failed producing cemented armor thicker than 230mm) - Tier 6 to T9 will be populated by complete fantasies (SZ being the obvious T10, and it was sloooowly being built until Stalin was finally convinced by his own chiefs of staff to scrap it). Heck, their shipbuilding industry and navy were so poor and lagging behind, they had to borrow ships from the Allies (HMS Revenge, since we're talking BBs) in WWII.
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