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Originally Posted by Marina View Post
On your may sotm work, looks go so far! My only criticism of it right now is that it looks too matchy matchy with the same patterned background matching the pattern on the clothes. There's so much pattern it sortof puts me off, like if someone were to wear a full suit of hawaiian shirt material - cheesy, no?
*welcome cookies!*
I was going after a bit of tapestry like feel. But we'll see what the coming weeks have in store. Right now I'm a bit out of inspiration. And actually the pattern of the clothes matches just some and some to the background so the foreground part of the background being mistaken for a pattern in the render (it's actually very little visible in the first place) can be taken as a bit of a complement.

Pic without the flower-layer to illustrate.

Actually it looks kinda nice like that... Hmm looking into it as soon as I have some free time.

Full suit of hawaiian shirt material. ME WANTS ONE!

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