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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Claimed XD

Edit - This is just over the limit, can you fix it up so it's AS safe please?
Just before you posted that, I realized it was over the limit


Originally Posted by .Mero
Haha you picked a few of the same scenes i wanted to use for avatars but i canceled al my avvies :/ cause of the credits that interfere
Yeah, it's a shame that most of the good scenes in the opening are with credits over them D: ...well, I will re-do them when there is a clean version around.

Originally Posted by Lolipopo View Post
To both of you, you are the best

But I'm a horrible person Usami, so even if you gave me my request I'm going to take the sig *run away*

I'm sure that Rhyel is this uch nice that he'll be able to do one just for you
Lol, I am glad you liked them, and don't worry, I will take the other sig Rhyel made (If he doesn't mind :P), we need to spread the Sheryl love over the AS Forums!
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