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Originally Posted by bakuramariks View Post
Deleting the very first D-mail will "delete" the cause. Mayuri will be saved this way.

Even now, Mayuri is not save, i don't believe she is, even if she is alive. They are not in the beta worldline yet.
So how's about do not invent the machine in the first place? Then it will effectively delete the event which led to Mayurii's death. Much more simple, and avoid all of the unneeded consequences
Originally Posted by Eater of All View Post
Sure, there's probably somewhere close to a 1% chance that his 2nd D-mail will cause major unintended consequences.

This is what happened:
1. Ruka's mom gets message "eat vegetables"
2. Ruka's mom gets message "vegetables meat vegatables meat..."

I would think 99% of people who receive something like this would ignore it. In which case, the timeline would be progress as if Ruka's mom never got those messages, and Ruka will be a girl. Even if there's deviation, it's neglible to the point that its effects might not surface until maybe many years in the future.
The problem here is, the D-mail in Stein Gates were made by SG author to be absolute in controlling events, which is very unrealistic. In reality, society activities and human line of thought are much more complicated.

Even if Ruka's mom got the 2nd message, there's no way that the initial message could simply be erased from her head (considering how it really affect her child later on). She may just progress with eating more vegetables anyway. She may visit the doctor, or call her mother, which then suggest her to eat some weird stuffs instead. The process of all these activities can associate with risks that may just end Ruka's life, or the Ruka we all knows about. That's the truth danger of "buttlefly effect". (Notice that the case of Feyris dad have even larger amount of possible outcomes)

However what we got in this anime is the strict and absolute controlled events that can not escalate more than unthoughtful decision and simple common sense of Okarin (or us reader/ audiences). It will be a little better if Okarin is showed to be a scientist nerd,who went to interview all concerned party,draw out all possible scenarios, design them carefully, and finally ready to take risk on the highest % chance. You knows something like real scientists actually will do, instead of just wearing lab coats, chatting on forum, and put together useless random stuffs.

Then what really pushed my limit, is how they all come up to random cause which led to the disappearance of the IBM. With reasons like that, I can make dozens on the spot without knowing much background on the character:
  • Ruka's father always want a daughter who can play piano, so he just clear up the store house to make it into her music room
  • Ruka's mom turn the backyard into the gardens and the storage rooms into a tool shed
  • Ruka knows a computer nerd and he told her about the valuable of the IBM,and her father decide to donate it to local library/museum

PS: btw just want to say that. The anime and storyline is still OK. But now it's just too straight forward and is not as great as i thought it can play out

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