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Originally Posted by I_am_Kami View Post
I think the Touma and Mikoto scene was dine well. Especially when she smiles or basically the first part. If it were animated you would go "oh shiiiiit" when she says he isn't alone.
It depends a lot on how they do the animation... eg, if they cue the ending music with her taking his hand the effect could be improved... Considering how much producers value Mikoto, they'll probably use all they can for a better impact. That is, if the anime does reach this stage.
Originally Posted by Daft View Post
So Touma finally wants to know more about his right hand? I hope he runs into Fiamma soon so we can talk all about those issues.
It would be funny if he could give Fiamma a spare right arm seeing as how he can just regrow it, and how Fiamma assimilated it before... lol.
LOL, the thing is that even if he gave "a spare" to Fiamma, it would just decay in a matter of seconds, like before.
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