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Not a bad way to wrap up the series. Thought the Aoi scenes in 11 were pretty nice. Actually some nice development between them. Sure nothing concrete, but a fun sauna scene. Plus thought Aoi talking about only needing her basketball to reach Subaru was good. If he's not playing then she wants to be involved in this to stay close to him. She's done well after all in helping Airi out. Thought Tomoka had it won, but Aoi's come on strong in the second half of the series.

Good move with Saki taking on that role. Need someone rational since Tomoka might be a bit too nice and just pass always when Maho asks for it. Besides letting their best player focus all on the attack was their best shot.

Too bad they lost, but really coming that far was pretty good. Both sides cost themselves points by losing their heads anyways.
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