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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
If you're wearing that shirt, you're a suspicious person.

Doubly so if you start lying about your occupation and pretend you're a teacher.

Triply so if you've got an unmarked van and claim to have candy for said schoolgirls in it.

A respected man... like a Catholic priest?
but I don't find that t-shirt that much suspicious unless the one wearing it do something suspicious in my eyes. And I don't find trouble wearing that type of dress because at least it's not the same as the type of lewd or slutty wording in the dress which I find irritating when I saw it. Like they are proclaiming she/he is a pervert.

Maybe it's in one owns perspective but if I wear that and go to school no one will find it troublesome. And maybe it can be also use as a cheering type of dress. You know when Subaru said that. He meant it in a nice way because the girls are following his instruction.

And respected people aren't priest. I respect philosophers and scientist or teachers/professor more than priest and I hate politicians -_-
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